The Perfect Thanksgiving Outfit

With the weather being cold and Thanksgiving coming around the corner (which means Thanksgiving break for college students), there is a lot to do before the holidays. One of the many things that I’ve been recently doing, along with the tons of homework and the daily gym workout, is shopping for a Thanksgiving outfit. I love dressing up for any occasion, even if I’m the only one dressed up. During my week off for Thanksgiving, I will be working at Anthropologie to make some extra money (which means I can use my discount from now until after Christmas break!) I will also be having a Friendsgiving meal with my group of friends which has become a 4 year long tradition of ours. With that in mind, I am on the hunt for the perfect Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving outfit, and for anyone thinking the same way, here are some of what I think are the cutest holiday outfits!

Recently, I’ve been especially in the mood to shop, but not just general shopping. I have a specific image in my head of what I want to wear for Thanksgiving. I imagine wearing either a dress/romper or a skirt with tights underneath and either knee high boots or booties. I’m not sure why but I’m obsessed with tights this season. I am taking inspiration from last years outfits, along with some outfits of bloggers that I follow on Instagram.

With that being said, I have picked out some of my favorite outfits from certain stores, some being my favorites and some being new stores to try out. Below is a lay out of outfits to go together (with tights underneath).

Here are my finds from Lulu’s:

Here are some selections from Urban Outfitters:

Here are some selections from Free People:

Here are outfits from Forever 21:

Here are some Bershka Outfits:

Here are some Zara Outfits:

Lastly, here are some options for tights:

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