Animal Print takes over Zara

One of the best stores to find the most trendy clothes this fall is Zara. Zara is one of the most popular fast fashion retailers in the world, and they are always coming up with unique styles from head to toe. They have anything from a basic tee and jean from their Join Life collection, all the way to the most extravagant dresses and jackets there could be. This season is no exception, except for the fact that there is an overboard of print taking over the Zara stores!

Zara has always done a nice job of keeping on trend, but this fall, it seems like they are really focusing in on the animal print trend. There are two main types of animal prints that Zara has seemed to include in the collection: Snakeskin and Cheetah. It is basically seen in every form: blouses, dresses, pants and even shoes! They are forcing it on the consumer to wear these animal prints in their wardrobe. Most of the clothes that they carry are full on animal print so the customer can really stand out. they have the occasional piece where there’s just a splash of animal print for the customer who doesn’t want to stand out as much. Here are some of the best animal print looks I found while I was in Zara:

Do you think they are going overboard? 

Here’s a head to toe look in Snakeskin print:

Leopard print:

Other miscellaneous prints:

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