My wardrobe capsule for the week

Time to show my outfits of the week!!  

1. monday: this is one of my most favorite outfits for a warm day. I wouldn't have expected it to go well together, since the colors looked somewhat strange together, but they work! I paired it with my lace up shoes, which were my favorite shoes last year!


2.  Tuesday: Tuesday was my dressy day, so what better than to wear my shift dress?! I like how basic it is because I can dress it with some jewelry and accessories. I, once again, decided to pair my outfit with my lace up brown shoes. 


3.Wednesday: Today, I decided to wear my brown skirt because the leaves are falling off the trees and it feels like fall! I paired it with my basic grey tee shirt and my lace up sandals. During the inter season of fall, it's sometimes hard to plan out what to wear since it will be chilly in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. 


4.  Thursday: I can finally wear jeans, yay! Today, it was chilly out the whole day, so I thought it was time to start wearing my jeans. As you can tell, the jeans are very lose fitted after going through the wash a couple of times. I wore it with my cold shoulder top and gold bomber jacket. It was a very comfortable outfit to wear for sure. 


5.  Friday: Today, I decided to go a little more on the trendy side, since I had been more casual in the middle of the week. My bodysuit is really the key to making this outfit look so trendy. The color and the ruffles make it easily stand out and adds a "pop" to it. 


6. Saturday: It's the weekend! I decided to pull out my plaid shirt with my Lucky brand jeans to go apple picking!! It's a chilly day, and it finally feels like fall. I love these jeans because they are so comfortable and the coloring is so cool. They are definitely unlike any other pair that I have. 


7. Sunday: It's the first day of October! Today, I'm going into the city for a denim show, so I had to incorporate some denim into my outfit. I decided to wear my new Lucky Brand jeans because they are the most unique and trendy out of any of my jeans. I really like the leg of it, which is what attracted me in the first place. I did not know what to wear for a top, so I just stuck with a basic white long sleeves. Although the scarf isn't apart of my wardrobe capsule, I decided it would look cute with the outfit. 

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