My OTTW (outfits of the week)

1. This Monday, I wore my Forever 21 lace up dress because it's comfortable and easy to wear with everything. It was a really nice day out, so I needed something that would keep me cool while outside. I want to make sure I get good use out of this dress before it gets too cold outside. I paired the dress with my lace up shoes because I wanted to stick with the "lace up" trend. I've had my lace up shoes for two years and I've gotten such good use out of them!


2. On Tuesday, I decided to wear my brown skirt because it has a fall theme to it. I paired it with my Forever 21 green shirt because green has been one of my colors that I always try to incorporate it into my wardrobe. I completed the outfit with my Toms sandals to match the skirt. 

3. Wednesday was a great day to wear a dress, so I decided to wear my red dress. I love this dress because it is easy to wear. Today, I went on the more casual side, as you can see. I decided to pair it with my Nordstroms shoes because I thought the colors went nice together.

4. It's Thursday and I decided to wear my acid wash skirt because why not? Although I could've paired it with many other shirts, I decided to go basic today and just wear my white shirt from urban outfitters. This is my favorite white shirt because it has a certain look to it. It's loose so it almost fits as a dress and I can pull of the one shoulder look with it too that looks cool. I paired this outfit with my green Pumas, which are the most comfortable shoes.

5. Happy Friday! This body suit is one of my favorite tips to wear and I always get so many complements on it. I got it from Aritzia, one of my favorite stores. I decided to pair it with my leather skirt, from Zara, because it goes with the ruffle theme of the outfit. I completed this outfit with my lace up sandals from DSW! 


6. Saturday: It was such a beautiful day today, so I wanted to get dressed up. I went with the black theme in my outfit- black shirt, black skirt and black shoes. My leather skirt was a good choice to wear because it has an element of fun with the ruffles. I wore my black and white checkered tank top because I liked the black and white on black.


7. Sunday: Today I'm wearing my Aritzia shift dress with my favorite lace up shoes. There was no particular reason why I picked this outfit out, but I just thought I should wear my short sleeve dresses and sandals before the weather gets colder.

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