Wardrobe capsule week 2 outfits

1. I decided to wear this outfit on Monday for the comfort but cute look. I wanted the focus of my outfit to be on the skirt because I loved the denim acid washing. The shoe choice of the Puma platforms were for the comfort aspect. The inside of the shoe makes it a comfortable choice because of the cushion feel that it has. For my top, I went with the basic green tee shirt. It's the comfortable Monday outfit.

skirt /shirt ( similar )/shoes ( similar )

skirt/shirt (similar)/shoes (similar)

2. On Tuesday, I wore an Aritzia dress. The grey dress is simple, allowing you to do so much with it! I dressed it down with some brown Toms sandals because it was a nice day and I wanted to take advantage of the weather by wearing sandals rather than sneakers. 

dress ( similar )/ shoes

dress (similar)/shoes

3. Wednesday was a little chilly and rainy, so I went with the cold shoulder and pants look. Army green is my favorite color for fall, so I thought that high waisted pants like these would be perfect for my capsule. I decided to wear the cold shoulder crop top because it's one of the few shirts that would fit with the rise of the pants. 

shirt( similar )/pants ( similar )/ shoes

shirt(similar)/pants (similar)/shoes

4. Thursday was a humid and cloudy day, so I had trouble deciding the perfect outfit for this weather. I went with my red unfitted dress because it would keep me from getting hot from the humidity. I paired it with my cute brownish sandals from Toms.


5. I decided for Friday I wanted to dress up a bit. Usually people will go casual, but on my Friday's I like to dress up since it's the end of the week. I thought the perfect outfit for school would be my red dress with my sandals. Since the dress is pretty basic and boring, the different colored beads of the sandals definitely adds some "fun" to friday.


6. Saturday: Today, I wasn't really doing anything that I needed to dress up for, so I just went basic. You can pair almost anything with a grey shirt, so I went with my embroidery skirt because I wanted to wear something that would add a little something. The flowers add that detail in the outfit that still looks casual, but cute.


7. Sunday: Today I went to a picnic for my friends birthday, so I wore my denim jumper dress. This is my absolute favorite dress to wear because I love denim and I love how "fall" it looks. It's good for a warm fall day because I can wear something under it and it would be perfect. When it start to get a little colder, it's harder to wear because you can't really wear a jacket with it. 

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