What's new in my closet for fall?

This fall, I'm taking a different approach on my wardrobe. Instead of deciding on piles upon piles of clothes to make an outfit, I'm doing the wardrobe capsule challenge. Before I start, I want to add some new pieces to my closet, so there's not only new choices of individual clothes, but also new combinations of outfits I can make. Here are the newest additions to my capsule and closet.

Embroidered skirt: I've never been a big fan of embroidered skirts, but this skirt changed that for me. The embroidered detail isn't over the top, which makes it perfect for the transition from summer to fall. Because of the embroidery trend that's going to continue into the fall, I wanted to stay up with the trends. This skirt is one of the most comfortable skirts in my closet and I'm planning on wearing as much as I can. If your looking to find one of these as well, consider it found because if you use the code "Alexis35" at Xomandysue.com, you can get this skirt for 35% off!

Off the shoulder, button down shirt: The off the shoulder trend has been going on for quite some time now and it's going to continue to be seen this fall! My off the shoulder top includes buttons, which have become more common in other styles. This shirt really combines two trends in one. I'm also in love with how comfortable it is, which is always an important factor to include when your buying something.

Bold flare pants: the trend this fall is bold and these pants give off that vibe perfectly. These are my first pair of flared pants and I think they are so trendy and cool. With these pants in particular, it's good to wear body suits or tights tops so it can be tucked into the bottoms. The stripe trend has also become popular with pants especially.

Acid washed skirt: I love this acid washed skirt because I can pair it up with any solid shirt and make it look so well put together. Just a basic white top with the skirt gives it a little edgey look to it. This would be my go to outfit for a nice day outside.

white, long sleeve off the shoulder:  This will definitely be a favorite in my fall wardrobe because I will be able to do so much with just this one too. Although it's just basic, I can layer it with a dress or I can wear it like this and add some accessories to it. You can do pretty much just about anything a good white shirt!

shirt / pants (not available)

shirt/ pants (not available)

denim jumper: This denim jumper would look cute in fall with some booties or slip on sneakers. This jumper is unique to my wardrobe because of the neckline. I don't have anything like it, which is why I thought I would try it out! Use my code "Alexis35" to get 35% off your jumper at Xomandysue.com. 

corderoy jumper: Again with the jumpers! This time it's corderoy and I would wear this one when it gets a little more chillier, maybe even during winter too. I could see myself wearing it a lot into the city with some black tights and booties. I got this jumper off online at Forever 21. My favorite part of this jumper is the color because I've never really been attracted to anything that is purple, but I thought I could try it out!

Sneakers: I found these slip on sneakers at Nordstroms and they are my new favorite shoes. I decided to go with the purple, again, to try it out and I really like them. They run really small though, so I'm a size smaller than what I normally wear. I can match these shoes with just about everything in my closet, so I'm sure they will become my go to shoes for this fall! 

burgandy sweater: It's not fall without a good sweater. I've always been a huge fan of the burgandy reds, so I thought getting this would be a good fit. I bought this sweater online from Showpo, which is an Australian online store. What's good about this sweater is that I can wear it with jeans or leggings for a casual look. I could also dress it up with a skirt, like in this picture. 



white turtle neck shirt: As you can tell, I stalked up on my basic white shirts for this fall. This time it's a short sleeve turtle neck. I would use this for layering mostly because it's somewhat see through. I could also wear it with a bomber jacket, like I am in this picture, to cover it up in a casual way. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this shirt when it's still the transition between summer and fall. 

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