My Everyday Wardrobe Capsule for School

Wardrobe Capsules are the new thing to do for the start of fall. People use the Wardrobe Capsule for many reason. It can help people explore what's in their closet, find new ways to wear an outfit, save money by not shopping, reduce decision making, and maybe cleaning out your closet. I decided it would be fun to do this for my fall wardrobe! 

skirt( similar )/ skirt /skirt ( similar )/ skirt

skirt(similar)/skirt/skirt (similar)/skirt

Before I go into what clothes I'm going to be using, I'm going to explain what a wardrobe capsule is exactly, and how you can do it yourself.

What is it?- Think of the wardrobe capsule as customizing an online character. They give you a random character and you get to change what it's wearing by clicking the left or right arrow. This arrow will only change one article of clothing, keeping the others the same. So say I wanted to change the top but keeps the bottom, I would click the top button, and keep the bottom the same. But say I didn't like the bottom, I could click the arrow and it would switch to a completely different bottom. A wardrobe capsule is basically the same idea. You set a number to be your goal for a certain amount of time, which will limit the amount of clothes being worn and focusing more on the specific combinations of outfits that you could make with a piece of clothing. 

jacket ( similar )/jacket ( similar )/ jacket /jacket( similar )

jacket (similar)/jacket (similar)/jacket/jacket(similar)

What's in my wardrobe capsule?

I limited myself to 50 pieces of clothing total for around 2 months because I have a lot of clothes in my closet. I decided to make a wardrobe capsule for school only as a way to see what was in my closet, so I wouldn't end up wearing the same thing everyday. The capsule doesn't apply on weekends, so I'm excluding all heels, wedges and certain kind of dresses that would be too fancy for a regular day at school. My approach in making the capsule was to write everything down on paper to keep track of how much I have. I have 4 pairs of jeans, 3 pants, 4 skirts, 6 dresses, 9 woven tops, 7 knit tops, 2 sweaters, 4 jackets, and 8 shoes. 

right to left top row: shirt( similar )/shirt ( similar )/ shirt / shirt   right to left bottom row:  shirt / shirt /shirt( similar )

right to left top row: shirt(similar)/shirt (similar)/shirt/shirt

right to left bottom row: shirt/shirt/shirt(similar)

How am I'm going to keep track of the outfit combinations I'm wearing?

Each week, I'm going to have a designated post under my "fashion" or "fun" category, listing the specific outfits and where I got them from on my blog. I'm also going to be posting pictures of each outfit on my social media including my Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin, and Pinterest. You can keep up with my progress by subscribing to my blog, where you fill in your email address at the bottom of my homepage. You can also follow me on Instagram @nycfashionfitnessfun, Facebook @fashionfitnessfunnyc, Bloglovin @alexiscarey1, or my Pinterest @amcarey8. Let's see how many outfits I can make!

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