The trendsetters checklist

Here are all the basics you need to be a trendsetter: 

1. Unhemmed denim: Unhemmed denim, whether it's on jeans, skirts, dresses, or even shirts, is so in right now. They are seen everywhere from Target to Urban Outfitters to Gucci and everywhere in between. I really like fringed bottoms because it adds a subtle detail to the clothes that makes it a little more different than the rest. There's also unhemmed details as a result of distressing or putting holes in jeans, which is a really big trend from last year going into this year. 

Shirt (Not available)/ Jeans  (made my own holes)/shoes( similar )

Shirt (Not available)/Jeans (made my own holes)/shoes(similar)

2. Colors: Bright colors are going to be a crucial factor in being a trend setter because that will set you apart from others. Vibrant colors like yellow, red and green are going to set u apart from everyone. I've personally seen a lot of vibrant reds in stores, but not a lot of greens and yellows. The greens that I see are mostly army greens, which is also a big trend in itself, so you can't really go wrong with it. I have a lot of army greens and burgundy reds in my wardrobe because I've always liked those colors, but I want to try to find some more vibrant colors too. 

bodysuit( similar )/ pants


3. Off the Shoulder: You can never go wrong with off the shoulder dresses or shirts! They can definitely add a little jazz to your outfit. They come in many designs, whether it's a simple white off the shoulder top or a ruffled one with stripes. You can wear them with any kind of bottom too, which makes it easier when your trying to decide what to wear. If your packing for a trip, you can bring one shirt and numerous bottoms, so you have countless outfits! An off the shoulder top would be a good option to put in a wardrobe capsule, if you are planning on doing one for this fall. 

4. Bomber jackets: bomber jackets became to appear last year in celebrities and trendsetters like Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens for that trendy, chic look. They are going to continue to be relevant during the fall season, so I would stock up on some cute ones! They range anywhere from basic, solid colors at forever 21, which are like $20, to extravagant designs brought to us by high retailer stores like Gucci. You really can't go wrong with these jackets because they have the right fit to wear with any bottoms and it keeps you warm on a chilly morning. 

Bomber jacket( similar )/ shirt / skirt

Bomber jacket(similar)/shirt/skirt

5. Embroidered denim: When all the red flowers came out at the end of spring 17, I wasn't really a fan of them, but I'm starting to come around to it. The reason why it's so trendy right now is because designers are circling off of the idea of the environment and nature for their designs this year. 

6. Different denim washing: I've always been amazed at how many washes of denim you can have. I've seen a lot of the patching de There's also the jeans with the different washes denim on the bottom, which is also trendy. My favorite kind of wash is when it is dark on the outside and then lighter on the inside.  It's funny to see that within the past couple of years, we went from wearing skinny, solid wash jeans to all these different styles of denim. It is such a cool look because it's taking something as a simple as denim and putting a little twist on it. 

jeans / shoes  (similar)/ bodysuit /jacket (not available)

jeans/shoes (similar)/bodysuit/jacket (not available)

7. Flared pants: Flared pants, whether it's jeans or pants, and making a huge comeback. When talking about pants, the flared leg is usually paired with a high waist. I love the ones with the belt attached to it because it adds a little bit more of chic to your outfit. There's a lot going on with the denim flared jeans as well. That's going to go very well with the fall look- the simple shirt paired with a bomber jacket and maybe some heels, as a more fancy, trendy approach. 

bodysuit ( similar )/ pants

bodysuit (similar)/pants

8. Jumper: The jumper is my newest obsession in my wardrobe. I think they are the perfect summer going into fall and fall outfit. What's good is that you could wear a shirt underneath it when it gets cold. I just bought a light purple, velvety jumper from forever 21 which will look so cute with a white shirt underneath and some tights and booties for fall time! I also bought a denim jumper from my new favorite boutique, Xomandysue. It's the perfect dress to wear while there is weather around the 70s. This is definitely going to be one of my new favorite looks. 

9. Booties: Booties have always been in style, and it's going to continue to be for this fall. My favorite booties are either black or brown because they are the most useful for fall. The black and brown color matches with a majority of my outfits. Since I plan my shoes around my outfit, and not vice versa, I really like to keep my shoes simple so I get a lot of use out of them. 

shirt / jumper / booties  (similar)

shirt/jumper/booties (similar)

10. White tee shirt: You can do a lot with just a basic white tee shirt. White tee shirts are really good for layering if it's a cold day, or going for that simple look. White tee shirts allow you to draw attention to your bottoms or shoes. White tees are a good way to look put together without even trying, especially if your in a casual setting like school. My other white tee look is to wear it underneath a jumper, for a cute fall look! 

shirt /pants(not available)

shirt/pants(not available)

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