What to wear on a night out

I always seem to have trouble "dressing for the occasion", whether it's going to a concert or going out to dinner, because I always have so many outfits to choose from. I'm also the type of person to get overdressed for an occasion, but I want to show off my clothes to everyone! 

When planning an outfit to wear on a night out, I always pay attention to three things, where we are going, the lighting of the place and the people that are going to be there. If I'm going to a fancy dinner in the city with my friends, I would want to dress in a more fancy outfit (obviously). If I've been to this restaurant before, and there's dimmer lighting, I would go for a more darker outfit. For this dinner, I would think about wearing something with heels or wedges, like my black and white romper (similar one here). If there is brighter lighting, I would wear something that's more lighter like my gold mini dress (similar one here).


If I'm going to a concert, I would wear something a little more casual. Something like overalls or jeans with a tank top. I just got this new pair of overalls that were the perfect outfit for when I saw One republic in concert because it's super casual but summery too. Usually jeans with a cute top is definitely the way to go thought because you can dress up the top as much as you want. Since the lighting will be darker, I would go with either black jeans with a white(similar)/lighter(similar) top or blue jeans with a black top. It may also depend on which concert you are going to also because you want to fit the look. The look and atmosphere at a Sam Hunt concert is going to be different from a Rihanna and, definitely, different from a Flume concert. 


If I'm going to a friends house or just going into town, I will probably wear something much more casual and laid back because that's what everyone else would be wearing. I would wear maybe a skirt or some high waisted pants (another pair here). Since summer nights are usually warm, I'd make sure the pants I'm wearing are light material so I don't get too hot.