The Technique of Shopping with Alexis


Everyone has their own way of shopping, some people go all out and some people just do not enjoy shopping. I have enjoyed shopping since before I can remember and I have a specific way of doing it too. I've tried explaining it to some people, and most of the time they look at me like I have 12 heads, but it makes sense to me. 


When I go into a store, I'll immediately grab anything that catches my eye. Say I go into a store like Urban Outfitters. Anything that I think will look good on me, I'll take to try on. I go through every section of the store to get an idea of what they have and to see if I like anything, if I do then I just grab it. My thought process behind grabbing these clothes is that I make an outfit with what I'm taking and what I already have inside my head. For example, if I take a white off the shoulder crop top, I will mentally say "this shirt would go really good with some high waisted shorts, a cute black belt, my brown Toms sandals and my circle sunglasses I have at home." Or if I find a baby pink dress, I will automatically think of wearing it with a gold bomber jacket, my fishnet tights and my green puma sneakers. Now, by the time I get up to the dressing room, I usually have between 7 to 12 clothes in my hand (depending on how much I shop at or like the store). When I try the clothes on, I look for a few things. I look for how it fits, what I can wear it with, if I have something similar to it and for what occasion I can wear the outfit too, oh and I do look at the price of it too. If that shirt, dress or bottoms don't match with one of those requirements, it's out. On average, that thought process will usually eliminate 4 or 5 of my choices. After that, based on the store, I'll move on to the next part of my shopping technique. If I'm choosing between two things that are both expensive, I will always go with the one that I can wear more often because I'll get better use out of it. If I really cannot decide, I will usually go with the cheaper one and try to make it look more expensive by getting some jewelry to match it.