7 days of dresses

This post is all about a week in dresses. This was inspired by Revolves 30 days of dresses.

Day 1 with the Sundress: A sundress is perfect for a hot day or a day at the beach. My favorite sundress to wear is my Free People white sundress because it's super light and flowy. You can always rely on a sundress to be comfortable and pretty! 


Day 2 with the maxi dress: You can always count on a maxi dress for ellagance, especially with a good pair of heels or wedges. During the summer, maxi dresses can get a little hot when wearing it during the day, but they are a good night dress if you're going out to dinner or going to the beach at sunset. Personally, a maxi dress will make me look taller, which is always a good thing. I think everyone should own at least one maxi dress! 


Day 3 with the silk dress: For some reason, when I think of a silk dress, the first place I think of wearing it too is a coffe shop in the city. I have one silk dress from Forever 21 and I think it's super cute and trendy. It's colder shoulder and it's super comfortable. In my opinion, it's the type of dress you could only wear with heels or wedges, so it wouldn't look right if you wore sandals or sneakers 


Day 4 with the two piece: I think two pieces are super fun, especially for the summer. The only two piece I have is my floral Abercrombie one, which is a little top with a long skirt for the bottom. I was super excited when I got my two piece because they always look so cute on the people I see on instagram. I would definitely recommend getting one for summer! 


Day 5 with the cold shoulder dress: We all know the cold shoulder trend is super in right now, so of course cold shoulder dresses are going to be super cute! My cold shoulder dress is from Anthropologie. I've never really bought anything from Anthropologie before, but I thought this dress would be cute, since it is simple and you can do more stuff with it (refer back to my other post). 


Day 6 with the denim dress: I've always had a soft spot for denim and I was so happy when I found this super cute denim dress at Zara. I always find denim dresses to have their own statement to it to make it look different, which is why I love my Zara dress so much. The torn up denim adds a cool twist to it. I'm always looking for denim dresses because they are not just tied down to one season, you can wear it whenever you want, if you find the right one!


Day 7 with the ruffle dress: Sometimes ruffles can look a little childish, but sometimes not! I've started to see a comeback with ruffles in women's clothing, so why not try to find a dress with ruffles? I got my ruffled dress from Target and I love it! The ruffles on this dress make it look more sophisticated than childish to me, and it's also a casual dress I can wear during the day, whether it's out to lunch with a friend or I could even wear it as a cover up at the beach! 

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