We all have that one thing that we had to teach ourselves as kids to do, whether it was to tie your shoe, do a trick on a scooter or teach yourself how to serve a tennis ball over the net. My thing was braids. In fifth grade, hair braiding was a FAD in my school, so everyone had their hair in braids, french braids or headband braids. Not only that, but when it was time for recess, everyone sat on the tables and braided each others hair! So I came home one day and asked my mom if she could french braid my hair, but she didn't know how too. After carefully observing the girls on the tables, I decided to try it out myself in my mirror. An hour and 3 Youtube videos later, I had finally taught myself how to do it! From then on I've taught myself how to do a number of hairstyles by just looking at a picture from Google or Pinterest. I can currently do regular braids, Fishtail braids, French braids, Waterfall braids, Headband braids and some more funky hairstyles. 

My favorite braid to do is the French braid because of the many variations it has in it. I can do a single French braid pulled tightly back, or I can make it more loose and have strands of hair coming down. For the double French braid, I can pull it tightly back, leave some loose hair in the front or do a reverse French braid. A reverse French braid is the ones that you see of the braids popping out of your head, instead of it being more tucked inside your head. Many people from Coachella 2017 had updos their hair with the reverse French braids with their outfits.

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