Fashion inspired Soho shops


Going on a Soho trip and need a place to go? Of course you can always find cute shops to go into when walking the streets of soho, but it's could be hard to try to find it before you get there. When I went to soho over the weekend, I tried to go into as many of those stores as possible, I found a lot of new places I liked! Here are some of the cutest stores to go to in Soho. I say fashion inspired because some of these stores are a little pricy!


Coop and Spree is a cute store to go into if your looking for a more modern look. One side of the store is what they have new in stock and the other side is the sale. When I went in, they were having a 60 off sale on all their winter clothes. They have a lot of denim pieces on the racks, which you can never go wrong with denim! I saw a lot of light blue, white, black and baby pink. I really liked the set up of their store because it make it look organized, but still manageable to find. Another thing I really liked was in the front of the store, they list all of their new arriving brands, which is interesting because you know who they work with before even walking inside the shop.


Velvet is a very modern sophisticated looking store. Velvet is a brand that comes from California, so a lot of the pieces are very chic looking. One thing I like about the shop set up is that they hang the clothes in group based on color. I think doing it in that way is nice because if the customer knows what color they want, then they can see which style that color has, which is much easier than not finding what you want because its not the right color. I also like how they displayed accessories in the middle of the store so you can see it clearly, and see yourself wearing it in the mirror right behind the shelves. 


Thomas Sires is a very cute, photogenic store that sells everything. It stands out right off the bat because of the lights hanging on the ceiling on the storefront. When you walk in you'll see some clothes in the front, which are more beachy and summer clothes. Making your way to the back are books, cups, candles, plates and towels. In the middle there are cute purses, bags, socks, sunscreen and pillows. I really liked this store because of the variety of things they offer. My favorite thing about this store were the decorations, like the lights and the things hanging from the ceiling. 


United by blue is, first off, the coolest name I've ever heard! I talked to one of the workers there, and he said that the name comes from the ocean and how humans and the ocean are interconnected, which I thought was interesting. Their slogan is Land to Water and back again #bluemovement, which is an interesting way of looking at how we are related to the Earth. United by Blue is definitely a store to go to if you want to have that camping look. There were lots of light and dark browns, navys, blacks and army green. They had bags, shoes, shirts, shorts and pants. 


Toms is a shoe store, of course, but something different about the Toms in Soho is that it has a little coffee station in it. I think that's a great way to attract customers and it may increase sales too! I found these super cute sandals from Toms which I think could go really good with anything basically. 


The Market NYC is pretty much the same thing as Chelsea Market. They had different booths with people selling accessories like Jewelry, belts, pins and hats. I ventured around and there were lots of pretty, hand made jewelry. One booth that I really liked was called Apple Grace. She does a really good job making her pieces super unique and I happened to be wearing one that a friend gave to me for my birthday. She recognized it and got super excited. She said that she loved seeing people wearing her pieces and I thought about how that must be super cool. 


Paige is a store that reminds me a lot of a Banana Republic because of the style they have. It is a pretty big store, with a lot of reds, pinks, blacks, blues and whites. They also had a lot of multi colored clothes that I really liked. I would definitely go into Paige if I was looking for something to wear to a brunch because of its more casual but warm look.


Sweaty Betty is a sporty fashion store that sells pants, shorts, tops and sports bras. I really like how they made their name out of what looks like recycled things because it is a eco friendly brand. They had a lot of bright colored clothes, such as a lime green and bright pink with black. I think those colors definitely look really cool together and I could easily buy something from there and know that I could wear it for the dual purpose of working out and for a more fashionable look. Basically if I yoga at 11, but brunch at 12, I would be able to find a cute outfit without it looking like I just worked out.


Zara. Well let me tell you two things. They moved the Zara in Soho to a new location to make it bigger and that was definitely the right decision. When I got in, I was sort of overwhelmed by all the clothes and people, but luckily my mom taught me how to efficiently shop and see everything, so I was safe. I started shopping and I found so many cute things!! They were all from their newest collection called TRF. I ended up holding around 10 hangers with clothes on them on my arm. They were mostly all denim and I wanted to try them on, but there were so many people in that Zara that I just ordered them online. I was really impressed with the Zara clothes itself because I had never really minded going in before, but now I know why it's my moms favorite store because it's my newest obsession.