The All Season Long Jumpsuit Look

Everyone knows that social media affects the most popular of trends. Whether it's celebrities that wear them, or places that we see it online, and apps like Instagram and Facebook gain peoples attention. As I was looking through Pinterest, I found a picture that really caught my eye. This got me to thinking about how just one piece of clothing, meant for spring/summer time, can be turned into an all year round outfit. You can make all different kinds of outfits for all different kinds of weather from just one simple thing... a jumpsuit.


There's always the traditional jumpsuit that will get us through the summer. We can get by with wearing it because it's so hot out. That's when I got my first jumpsuit. My denim jumpsuit is from Abercrombie and it's been one of my favorite things to wear over the summer (I'll link it, along with everything else, at the bottom of the page!) If there's one thing I love about it is that it's so basic that you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. As summer started to slip away, it was time to get the fall clothes out. 


In the fall, we started to see the layering trend unfold. This allowed everyone got those basic tank top dresses, rompers and jumpsuits out and wear something underneath it. I loved this idea because there was more of a selection for those who were still in the summer mood, like me. I could wear a simple crop top underneath the jumpsuit and it would transform into a completely different look. It was definitely a nice back to school outfit that looked put together, but it was effortless. As winter rolled around, it was officially time to say goodbye to my summer/fall jumpsuit and put the layering trend on pause, or so I thought. 


As I was scrolling through Pinterest one day, this picture caught my eye and I was obsessed with it. I never thought of layering a turtleneck sweater underneath a jumpsuit, and I thought it was such a great idea! I pulled out my old jumpsuit and took one of my more fitted turtleneck sweaters and tried them on together. The results was adorable! The outfit was different and it's something that not everyone is wearing, which is always a plus because I love exploring and being ahead of the trends. There's always something that can be experimented with in fashion that may turn out to be the start of something big. Sometimes it might not turn out the way it was originally pictured, but it can also fall in your favor, like it did for me!


Using social media, like Pinterest and Instagram, inspire new looks and styles that I would have never even though of each and every day. I definitely use Pinterest to save outfit ideas more than I do for Instagram. Since there's not really a shopping feature on Pinterest, I use it for just pinning new ideas or outfits that I find appealing. I use Instagram as a source of shopping and following new stores. Mostly every retailer, online or in store, has an Instagram page to advertise their merchandise. Instagram is a good source to find new stores that may not be available near by. Many people these days are shopping directly through the feed of retailers pages with Instagram new shopping feature, which I think is awesome. 



Summer look: sneakers

Fall look: crop top/ shoes

Winter look: Sweater/ headband / boots (similar)

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