The Insta-trends

Over the years, fashionista's have taken over Instagram and created accounts that people follow for wardrobe advice. We follow others to stay in the loop of what to wear, and where the best places are to get it from. Instagram and WGSN have collected trend reports and is now highlighting the "Instatrends" from the most top preforming fashion brands, such as Urban Outfitters, H&M, Gap and Zara. I stumbled across this super cool trend report and wanted to share it with you guys, since I found it to be extremely interesting. What will your favorite store be highlighting?

1. ASOS: According to WSGN, ASOS’s Instagram hit the most likes when the photo involves a close up, abstract and colorful look. The photos of footwear also received a high engagement as well. This means that for 2018, ASOS will be full of the most colorful lines of clothes and some pretty awesome footwear!


2. American Eagle: It's all about the denim detailing for AE. Denim is their expertise, for both women's and men's, and they even highlight customization in their new Union Square store.  They are going to be a huge denim advocate come 2018, so make sure you check out their jeans!


3. Express: The most popular posts for Express are with quotes, which are different than other brands. These quotes are fashion related visuals, allowing followers to have a good laugh and tag their friends. This really has nothing to do with upcoming trends that will be seen in the future of Express, but it shows that Express is a store that cares about forming a bond and can relate to customers.


4. Forever 21: We all know that Forever 21 is notorious for selling affordable fashion products, which is why when I say their most popular photos on Instagram are photos of animals, it is very surprising! Since the most popular images on Forever 21's Instagram is of animals, specifically puppies, it shows that the brand is a free and fun spirited store, where you don't have to worry about the price of the products. 


5. Gap: For Gap, they are taking a simplistic approach to their page by using more diverse models for their clothing. They want to show that all their products can be worn by everyone, which will bring people together. Gap wants to bring a global community of people together through it's page. 


6. H&M: It's all about attention to detail for H&M's page. Their lifestyle oriented approach to posting photos allows followers to visualize themselves wearing the clothes. They post a completed outfit, so customers can see an entire look and how to pair their products in a stylish and trendy way.


7. Topshop: Like H&M, Topshop's post are mainly about attention to details. The outfits are put together by providing a top, bottom, shoes and sometimes a purse, making a complete outfit in an appealing way. They focus on trends like denim, sequins and fur, which draws the attention to the followers that they should look to buy any denim, sequins or fur clothes from H&M. 


8. Urban Outfitters: Although Urban Outfitters has a small percentage of homeware and interiors, it's one of the most popular kinds of post on Instagram. A cozy bedroom is the most popular because its very photogenic. They want customers to rely on them for products more than clothes. 


9. Zara: The most popular post for Zara is when they post photos from their childrenswaer campaign. Although they have a separate account for their kids products, the kids with their cute smiles and cool looks, get the most likes.




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