Kingpins NYC Show 2017


Today, I’m in New York City, along with many other denim lovers, for the Kingpins denim show! I’ve been attending the Kingpins tradeshow for three years and each year I get to see the latest denim trends a year in advance.  As I’m walking around there were a lot of amazing new concepts incorporated into the denim.


There’s patching and hem wash denim in every booth. The patches make each denim piece authentic and one of a kind. That unique look is what consumera are going for, which is why this style is so trendy right now. The patched denim is a super urban kind of style making a statement piece itself.  Who would have thought that putting a combination of the leftover scraps into one jean would turn into this major trend that it is today? I certainly didn’t.


The detail of unstitching the hem was also a consistent trend that I saw in many booths this year. This trend definitely carried over from when it became a major style in previous seasons. I think that this trend compliments many different styles, including modern, urban, casual and, of course, trendy. Although it’s been around for awhile, I feel like stores all do the same three toned washed at the hem.  When I was walking around Kingpins, I noticed this trend was working up on the leg.  There were two or three different washes in one jean, which was a cool, more modern look.  


Another big trend I noticed was the distressed vs clean finish of the denim. I think that its interesting because that’s like comparing skinny jeans, which will always be in style, to boyfriend jeans; they are the complete opposite. The destroyed and destressed look has become a huge trend that many people follow, including me. Half of the jeans that I own have been DIY destroyed through a dremel to be up to date. I think it really depends on if the customer wants to spend the extra money on what they would see as “holes in my jeans”.  


Every year, I rely on Kingpins NYC to keep me up to date on the denim trends, and this year was a success. The love for denim brings  the whole denim tribe together! 

Alexis CareyComment