The River Blue Screening and Panel

On Sunday, I went to the The River Blue screening at Parsons, NYC. This screening and panel discussion presented how fashion has impacted the environment at an alarming rate. It was an eyeopener how the apparel we buy could be polluting some of the rivers around the world due to waste disposal.  The most polluted rivers in the world are dumping chemicals used to dye apparel. The movie contained so many horrific images of rivers in China, India and Bangladesh which impact their health and food supply. 


After the screening there was a panel discussion about ways to encourage brands to switch into a more environmentally responsible production. A challenge facing the apparel industry is how to educate the consumer.  There are an increasing number of sustainable design classes taught at college level, which is a a good start to design with the environment in mind.  As a consumer, if I’m aware of the specific retailers causing the pollution, I would definitely not buy that product no matter how cute it is. How transparent the retailer is about their clothes supports the decision making process of the consumer. 


As large brands, like H&M and Zara, tell everyone that they are environmentally responsible, The River Blue challenges some of the statements of these brands. As a customer, we are entitled to know what conditions apparel is produced.  From there, we are able to make a choice of if we want to buy it or not. It’s all up to the consumer to use their buying dollar power to make a difference. 

Here are some pictures from Sunday!  

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