Bring on the Scarves!

My favorite part about scarves are that there are so many different kinds that you can wear. There's shorter ones that are meant to just hang around your neck and come down, there's ones that you can wrap around multiple times and still have coming down. There are also ones that come in a big or small circle that are meant to just wrap around your neck without anything coming down. 


Although this scarf will not keep me warm in the winter, it is a cute scarf to wear just for fashion. My two favorite things about this scarf is how there are strings that come down from it and the color of the scarf. I love when they have the stuff coming down because it just looks so cool! There's a way that if you layer it perfectly, it will give the outfit a complete look. I also think that the color of it is so cool because it looks blue, but it's actually just an off white.


As seen in these pictures, the other kind of scarves are the ones that you can tie and it drapes down. Personally, these kinds of scarves are harder for me to pull off because I can never get the tie perfect. The trick with the tie is that you want it to be in the middle, so it doesn't look like its about to choke you, but there is also room for the ends to come down and be visible. Although I haven't mastered the secret of tying a scarf, I think this scarf is so cool because of the details in it and how there's a kind of bounce to it. Since there is elastic in it, it's more stretchier and able to kind of bounce as you walk. 

Alexis CareyComment