The Ultimate Thanksgiving and Black Friday Outfit

The trick to the ultimate Thanksgiving outfit is that it has to contain some amount of black in it. As you can see, I kind of went a little overboard with the black. I think black is the trick because it is one of the three colors that I think of when I think of Thanksgiving. The official Thanksgiving colors to me are black, red, grey, and yellow. If you incorporate those colors into your special outfit, it will scream Thanksgiving! 

Another reason why I think this outfit would be perfect for Thanksgiving is because of the layering trend. The layering trend of having a shirt turtle neck top underneath a tank top dress has because a huge trend this fall. Almost every store that I've been to has some sort of layering look displayed on a mannequin showing how to wear it. I think it's a classy and fancier look that everyone can pull off!


Not only is it important to have a good Thanksgiving outfit, but it’s also important to have a good Black Friday outfit for all those professional shoppers out there. Since it’s so cold outside, I decided to bring out my fuzzy coat, which is really trending right now. These kinds of coats can be found anywhere now, from Target all the way to Gucci. I bought mine at H&M because it was on sale and I liked the length of it. I personally like the longer style rather than the cropped style because its easier to wear. Since it was a chilly day, I kept my head warm by wearing my Pom Pom hat.

coat  /  hat

When I got inside stores, I took off my jacket and I wore this! My mustard yellow turtleneck is good to wear with a skirt like the one I’m wearing because you can tuck it in, but it’s also flowy. I’m usually not a big fan of the pencil skirts, but recently I became fond of them. 

I also paired my outfit over the knee boots because it’s a way to make my casual outfit more fancier. I didn’t want to get too fancy by wearing heeled boots while walking around, but I also wanted to wear some kind of boots. It was the perfect occasion to pull out the over the knee boots!

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