High knee boots: my all time fav

High knee boots are a MUST for winter. They are trendy and they make me feel so confident! It took me a while to find the perfect pair of high knee boots because I wanted them to be a specific height, look a certain kind of way, and have the right kind of foot shape. I found these at Macy's for a reasonable price, so they became a Christmas gift from last year that I got great use of. My favorite part about these shoes are the ties on the back of the shoe because that just adds something to the shoe that makes it that much more unique. 

In this outfit, I'm wearing the boots with my pencil skirt, turtle neck and hat as a good winter outfit. The boots being the same color as the hat just adds some fun to the outfit because they both match. I decided to get them in black because black goes with anything, as everyone knows, and a majority of my fall/winter wardrobe are neutral and darker colors like black, maroon, army green and grey. Wearing these shoes, compared to ankle booties or calve boots will keep you warmer and your skin will be less exposed. In the second set of pictures, I wanted to blend the black hat, top and boots together to go in contrast with the pink skirt. Since the boots go up really high, it's easier to draw attention to the skirt.


Although, in both of these pictures I am wearing the boots with a skirt, it also looks super fierce with a dress or even pants, depending on what kind you wear. I would wear either light blue skinny jeans or even colored jeans because the colors are still contrasting. As long as there's a noticeable difference between the pants and the boots, they will look good. When you wear it with a dress, I usually like to pair it with either a flared, straight or tight dress. Either way, they will look amazing.

Alexis CareyComment