I don't really buy a lot at Madewell, but I love to go in there just to try stuff on. I like the trendy but modern and casual look that they have. They also have a very organized system of there new stuff in front and their sales stuff in the back. Something that I really like about the Madewell that I go to is that they have a denim bar, where they have all the jeans. I'm not sure if they have the denim bar in other Madewells, but I think it's a good idea. The dress that I tried on below is an example of some of the cute and modern outfits that Madewell has to offer. I also noticed that they have a large selection of bandanas (like the one I'm wearing) in the store. They are keeping up with the Bandana trend and the colors that they have are very neutral and go well with the whole color trend of Madewell.