Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has always been an all time favorite of mine. They always come out with a lot of trendy clothes. When shopping, I will spend a majority of my time looking around and trying stuff on. Urban is one of those stores where you will see me with so many clothes in my hands that it looks like I'm about to drop them. The price ranges, depending on the product, anywhere from $10 to $300. They also have a lot of cool jewelry that I really like whenever I go in there. I'm always interested to see what a store does for chokers because there are no two stores that have the same kind. Since the choker trend is developing, I have gotten most, if not all, of my chokers from Urban Outfitters because the price is cheap and the quality and style is super good. I buy a majority of my wardrobe from Urban Outfitters too. I really like the dress selection they have because they aren't the same as any other store; I don't see anyone trying to knock it off. Some of the dresses are expensive, so I try to wait for when they go on sale if I really like it. I also have the UO app on my phone, which gives you discounts for products and gives you special announcements. If your a big UO fan, like myself, I would suggest downloading the app!

Alexis CareyComment